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Hold on… what’s a sitter session? Well this is kind of photographer-speak for the age where baby meets their sitting milestone. It really is one of the best and easiest times to capture baby. Typically baby sits between 6-8 months and the perfect time to schedule these photos is two weeks after they begin sitting stable on their own. Personally I find that most babies are sitting well around 7 months of age so for families who are booking well in advance I usually put them on the calendar when baby is 7 months old. It’s great to catch baby during the time period before they start crawling because a mobile baby is a bit more difficult (but trust me, not impossible) to capture in-studio.

Sitter sessions are probably my favourite after newborn because baby is usually so easy going at this age and they smile quite easily. Families get a full gallery of their sweet, happy baby during this short session. I make it really easy on parents because it’s a quicker session – usually less than 45 mins – 1 hour in total and I provide a full studio wardrobe for both baby girls and boys. Of course you are welcome to bring your own baby outfits but the things I have in my studio wardrobe are timeless, simple and I know they photograph well.

Sitter photos are definitely a parent favourite and that’s because I usually get lots of smiles. Baby hasn’t started “playing strange” at this age so they are really ok with me getting close to them and making all kinds of silly noises to get their attention. I’ve got lots of wooden toys as well to keep them satisfied and occupied, and of course they look darling in the images without distracting from your baby.

Generally it’s best to book this about 4-6 weeks in advance (so that means contacting me when your baby is 5-6 months old) so I can make sure there is space on my calendar. I only book a handful of these each month so it’s best to reserve your spot early. If your baby is already sitting, don’t worry. I do a lot of sessions with mobile babies around 1 year of age so don’t fret – you haven’t missed the window. You just might get a bit of a workout during the session scooping up your sweet baby, giving them a snuggle and putting them back in place. 🙂

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