Baby's First Year


Pure, simple, natural

From the moment you find out you are pregnant, everything changes. You've been dreaming about this and now it's a reality. One thing I hear often is that parents want to remember it all. Your baby will grow and change so quickly in that first year - faster than any other time in their life. Most of your days will feel like a whirlwind of feeding, diaper changes, burping, snuggles and trying to juggle it all. Each of my milestone sessions are designed to slow down, soak in the special moments and really savour the stage your baby is in at that very moment.


My Milestone Package involves 3-4 sessions within baby's first year - the most popular is Maternity, Studio Newborn, Studio Sitter and Outdoor First Birthday, but it's flexible You can choose just the most important moments or you can capture all the stages.


Here are the most pivotal moments in baby's first year:


Between 32-35 weeks your baby bump is at an ideal time to be photographed. Our session will take place in my Burlington studio or outdoors (between May + October). I have a studio wardrobe full of dresses and pieces that photograph beautifully.

NEWBORN (0-3 months)

You've welcomed a baby into the world and now you want to capture the most perfect photos of them. You can choose to come to my Burlington studio, have me come to your home or in the summer months we can photograph baby outdoors. My style is simple and natural so that your baby is the focus of the image. Choosing what time of newborn session is the right fit for your family is often the hardest decision in building a baby plan, but I'm happy to walk you through the options either over the phone or via email with links to examples of my work.

older baby (3-4 months)

At this age, baby is no longer a newborn. Some of their recent developments are rolling over, tummy time and first smiles. Babies are absolutely adorable at this age and this session is often chosen when families aren't able to do fresh newborn photos. My preference at this age is to do an in-home lifestyle session because babies love to be held in their parents arms, so why not keep them there and focus on creating a lot of images involving the whole family. But my studio is also an option where we can create gorgeous images on a neutral background. I have quite a few outfits in my studio wardrobe for this age that families are welcome to use during their session.

SITTER (6-7 months)

At this age babies start to sit stable on their own but they are not yet crawling. After newborn, this is the next most popular age to photograph because they are so happy, adorable and easy going. Usually these sessions are done in studio but you are welcome to have them done in your home or outdoors. If you love baby bellies and chunky thighs THIS is the time to capture them. I have a huge collection of wardrobe pieces for babies that you are welcome to use.

first birthday (11-12 months)

Baby's first birthday is a huge milestone and deserves to be documented. When baby turns one it's a celebration not only for your child, but for you as parents. You did it! You can choose to capture baby in-studio, outdoors or in your own home. My absolute favourite is capturing baby outdoors, even if we have to fudge the timeline a little bit to make it work during my outdoor season from May to October. Baby is usually walking, or taking their first steps holding their parents hands so they are free to explore and are generally happier outdoors.


Should that timeline not work, my studio first birthday session focuses on capturing baby’s fun personality! These sessions have a minimalistic and simple style. My goal is to capture your baby just as they are, in a natural style.


This session is the last of my baby milestone plan and it's always bittersweet to conclude this special time getting to know a family so intimately. After baby's first birthday, the next time I see a family will be when they come back for an outdoor session the following year or when they have another baby - whichever comes first. ;)

benefits of a milestone package


  • Guaranteed spot + priority access to my calendar - my schedule fills up each month and it's easy to forget to book the next milestone session until baby's already in it. By then, my calendar will likely be full. When you have Baby's First Year booked, I'll reach out to you when it's time to schedule the next set of photos. You can rely on my super organizational skills and it's one less worry for you!
  • Full gallery upgrades - all final edits in each of your galleries will be available to you at no extra charge. There will be a lot of photos. I provide huge galleries after each of my sessions and instead of having to go through and select a certain number of photos, you'll instantly have access to the full gallery download. This is perfect if you are building a photo album of baby's first year. You'll want all the detail images and all the small and beautiful moments that we capture together. For each session this is a $100 VALUE! If you book 3 sessions, this is an automatic $300 savings, 4 sessions - $400 savings, etc.
  • 1-year of your online finished galleries - INCLUDED. $25 value!

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