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Older Newborns (3-8 weeks)

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Older babies are amazing and wonderful and I love capturing them! Between 3-8 weeks old your baby is alert and has great eye contact with the camera which makes for adorable photographs. They give lots of unique expressions and I also aim to get some detail shots of their hands and feet.


OLDER NEWBORN (3-8 weeks old) VS POSED NEWBORN (1-2 weeks old) SESSION:


Older babies are a bit different developmentally than newborns under 3 weeks old. Fresh newborns spend most of their time sleeping and are generally less active when awake. They have a tendency to curl up their limbs, replicating the fetal position they had in the womb. Their eyesight is still developing so their eye contact is less accurate or deliberate.


On the flipside, newborns 3-8 weeks old have made some rapid developments - they are more alert and aware of their surroundings, which means we can capture their darling expressions and their eyes lock focus with the camera. They have put on some weight and tend to stretch their limbs out more, making them less curly and squishy. My studio is a very cozy place for babies and it's not unusual for older newborns to fall asleep during their photo session. When this happens I make the most of their nap, working carefully to capture as many sleeping images as possible without disturbing them too much. You can see from my gallery images that both awake and sleepy images are beautiful and capturing your baby is important at any age! I specialize in older newborns 3-8 weeks old and the resulting images always leave parents thrilled.

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I have three great options for photographing your baby when they are over 3 weeks old.

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