Older BABIES(1-3 months)

Pure, simple, natural

My Baby portrait sessions are perfect for those families who wish to capture their newborn at an older age. My style is simple, natural and artistic. I like minimalism and simplicity without bright coloured props or outfits so your baby is the focus of the image. Between 1-3 months old your baby is alert and has great eye contact with the camera which makes for adorable photographs. They give lots of unique expressions and I also aim to get some detail shots of their hands and feet.


Your baby will most likely be awake as this session does not include sleepy newborn poses. Babies still allow me to swaddle them up until 3 months of age so this type of session includes swaddled newborn images and I have a full studio wardrobe full of adorable outfits that photograph well. If your baby happens to fall asleep during our sessions (which happens sometimes!) I will capture them sleeping, but we will not take the time to coax your older baby into sleep for photos.

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