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You have waited a long time for your baby to arrive. Nine months feels like FOREVER when you are expecting and waiting on your highly anticipated newborn to make its presence into your lives. Documenting these first days as a family is so important, because trust me on this – you will forget all the little details of this chaotic time. Your tiny new baby grows and changes so quickly – I see it all the time. I often have newborns under two weeks of age visiting the studio. Those times where I have 1-month old baby in, it reminds me how much babies change in just a few weeks. The photos you take today, will only become more valuable as time goes on. Let’s make sure that the newborn photos you have to remember these special and fleeting days are high-quality keepsakes that you can treasure for a lifetime.

I am writing this post with no bias because I’ve already written one that outlines the flipside of a studio session – an in home newborn session. You can read all about that HERE. I absolutely LOVE that I offer both these different types of sessions and guiding expecting parents into making the right choice for their new family.

When capturing a newborn in my studio, I love to create art that can grace the walls of your home. One of the favourite places to hang newborn images is within the nursery. As baby grows into a child, it reaffirms their place in your home and your hearts.


Booking your newborn photos at a dedicated studio for baby photography ensures that you will get high-quality images that are consistent with the photographer’s portfolio. Because the photographer has total control over the environment – the lighting, the backdrop and a wide variety of gear and props, you can be sure that what you see on the photographer’s website is similar to how your final gallery will look. Obviously every baby is different, which will result in some variety overall but looking from session to session, you can see a consistent style and look.

burlington oakville waterdown hamilton ontario natural newborn baby photography studio 2021


Lighting is the most important thing in any photo session. Hands down. It really does make or break an image (or a whole session). A professional photo studio has all the correct lighting tools needed to capture your baby correctly and the photographer knows how to adjust and manipulate the light to create different moods and results.

burlington oakville waterdown hamilton ontario natural newborn baby photography studio 2021


New moms, this is a big one. Unless you’ve got a family member who’s on hand to help you a day or so before your photo shoot, not having to make sure your house is photo worthy can take a lot of stress of your shoulders. You are recovering and exhausted and are putting all your focus on caring for your new baby. A studio environment will give you beautiful pictures in a clean space without the extra work of cleaning and decluttering.

burlington oakville waterdown hamilton ontario natural newborn baby photography studio 2021


When you arrive, you are welcome to look through my hand-selected client wardrobe. It has gorgeous, flowing dressing for moms which are very forgiving, comfy and simple wraps for your baby, correctly sized headbands for baby girls and even a selection of simple and neutral coloured shirts for Dads. These options take the stress away because you don’t have to worry if the outfits in your closet will fit or work well in photos. It also saves you money from having to buy something you may only wear once!

burlington oakville waterdown hamilton ontario natural newborn baby photography studio 2021


While in-home newborn sessions are more focused on capturing your family, sessions done in-studio are more weighted on baby alone images. So think about what you’d like your final gallery to look like. If you are looking for more images of your baby vs family shots than an in-studio session may be a better choice. Generally most of the time during a studio session will be getting your baby asleep and then capturing them alone with a lot of variety of baby-led posing and positions.

burlington oakville waterdown hamilton ontario natural newborn baby photography studio 2021

Regardless of what location you choose for your newborn photos, your final gallery will be beautiful and treasured. I’m happy to help you make the first decision for your family if you still have questions after reading both this post and the one about in-home session perks.

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